Cloud storage is the online space where you can store your data (documents, files, photos, projects, etc). Think of this as keeping your important tangible objects in a safe so as to keep protected and not get lost. Instead of storing information to your computer’s hard drive or
other local storage device, it is being saved to a remote database (ie..the cloud). Before you delete entire folders worth of files and
data in order to make space for new information; consider storing your data on the cloud.

Why Cloud Storage???

Go BIG or small!! Cloud storage will grow with your increase in need to store your additional data. Or downsize your cloud storage space if you
find that your storage needs are decreasing. Storing your data in the cloud will also free up real estate on your computer!

Have peace of mind that your data will never just disappear one day. Back up your hard drive to the cloud OR save your documents/files/photos directly to the cloud.

Cloud Storage is a great way to collaborate on documents and projects or even to share photos! Everyone, wherever they are, can share files by
sending a link. Make changes and save the new version in the cloud so that everyone sees the updated file.

Access Anywhere
Anywhere you are, so is your data. As long as you have an internet connection- you can access all of your files anywhere you go
using your phone, tablet, laptop or desktop.

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By Sara Stauner