Computer Support Group is your cyber security solution. By providing your devices with our layer of defense; threats are blocked before they hit your network or computer. We are committed to protecting your technology and the security of your devices; giving you peace of mind as you access the internet.

This Is How CSG Does It Better…..

Always available threat coverage
Our technology detects all known & unknown threats leveraging the latest behavior-based technology, regardless of the location of your devices (office, home, airport, café, hotel, etc.).

Threat Detection
Our solution rapidly recognizes thousands of viruses and malware attack variants, including: cryptomining attacks, ransomware, viruses, spyware and botnets. Giving you peace of mind as you access the internet.

We provide, 24×7, support for all devices on your network with our next generation threat identification and remediation technology.

Response & Remediation
When malicious behavior is detected, we immediately work to identify the root cause of these malicious behaviors. All https traffic is scanned in the cloud before being released to the network.

Appliance Free Firewall
We offer a dedicated secure global network- which allows multiple offices, remote employees to communicate privately and securely.

Key log files are monitored to identify and correlate events that could be malicious.