Symptoms list described by the clients:

  • Software applications not running properly
  • Software applications and hardware running slow
  • Software applications not connecting to web-based resources

The cause of these symptoms: computers/laptops/tablets/iPads and even routers are running overtime!

  • Virtual Learning/ Remote
  • Increase in performance requirements from our technology as well as
    the increase in household members requiring access to the internet.
  • The sessions our devices create with resources on the internet can
    time out. To make matters worse we can have many tabs open on our
Due to the “C” word (whose name will not be mentioned but it rhymes
with ROVID), this has forced an increase in remote learning and remote
work. School-aged children are engaging in classes over Zoom and other
website applications at the same time as parents working from home.
(Even if you are single or a couple, working from home, continuous work
can impact your technology’s performance.)



Make it a practice to reset your router 1 time/week and your computer/laptops 1 time/day

This gives your technology a chance to update and reset itself; very
similar to how sleeping at night allows you to rest and recover. Just
like you would feel slow and sluggish if you never slept, your devices
can have the same problems, if you never reset your technology.

Close your old/unused browser Tabs

Having multiple Tabs open not only uses a lot of computer resources
but those open Tabs become overwhelming and lend themselves to losing
track of your work.

Make sure your software and operating systems are up-to-date

When your systems are not using the most recent release, this can
reduce your technology’s performance. It can also cause your software
applications to not run as designed.

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