Hosted Email

Computer Support Group’s Exchange hosted email lets your business communicate and collaborate more effectively. Business is no longer confined to the office. Provide your employees with all the tools they need to work and collaborate; regardless of location or device. Ability to do it any-where, when and how they want to.
Computer Support Group allows you to maintain your competitive edge- now and into the future.

How do you stack up?


99.9% uptime
525 minutes or 8 hours of downtime per year
Archives are tied to mailbox size
50GB limits on lower end plans (business + E1)
Retains data if mailbox is still active
May result in costly manual searches

EXCHANGE Email: Computer Support Group

99.999% uptime
Less than 6 minutes of downtime per year
Unlimited Archiving storage
Unlimited mailbox size on all plans
Can remove users and still retain the mailbox
Ultra-fast search capabilities